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Before Pregnancy

It's important to plan ahead when thinking about having a baby. Your health will affect the future of you and the baby. Before you get pregnant, here are some tips.

  • Plan your pregnancy to give your baby the best chance at a healthy beginning. Read more from What to Expect about your health before you get pregnant.
  • Get medical and dental care to put your body in the best health possible. What To Expect gives you the information you may need for pre-pregnancy checkups.
  • Talk to your doctor about what your ideal weight should be, before you get pregnant. Exercise and healthy eating are keys to the best start for baby AND yourself. Read more from Women's Health on why knowing your health before pregnancy is so important.
  • Start taking folic acid before pregnancy (Look for multivitamins with 400 mcg of folic acid). Get more information on folic acid from Women's Health.
  • If your partner physically, emotionally or sexually abuses you, get help. It may not stop when you get pregnant, and it may get worse during your pregnancy. You're not alone Domestic Violence help is available.
  • Protect your baby before he or she exists. Stop smoking, drinking and only take medications that have been approved by your doctor when trying to become pregnant. Learn more about Michigan Department of Community Health's Substance Abuse & Addiction Services. Or sign up for Text2Quit for free text messages to help smokers successfully quit smoking.

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